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Vision Statement-

The vision of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Corporation (AAHC) is to generate a robust economy through prosperity in vast promising sector of agriculture and animal husbandry of the agro-centric country like India.

AAHC visualizes a strong ambience of technocratic advancement that could minimized marking hurdles and pitch for maximizing productivity andprofitability for produce.

Mission Statement-

The mission of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Corporation (AAHC) is to pave the way for sustainable development in flourishing agriculture section and to support farmers, livestock owners across India and make them learn about the central and state based schemes for agriculture and animal husbandrywith network of committed team. Besides, it aims to work out joint strategy and technical coordination for research and development in the field of agriculture and allied sectors.Creating a market place for farmers and livestock owners where they can buy products and services offered by people and companies to develop productivity and profitability.

Our Values

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Corporation (AAHC) tries to stick professional ethics and moral bondage.Values have a fundamental attribution to humans because we are so dependent on it for our cultural, economic, and environmental well-being. Elements of itcan contribute to cultural identity, and many ecosystem characteristics are frequently incorporated into cultural traditions.

Other facts of human well-being, such as health and economic and political security, can influence the value including commitment, integrity and team work.

AAHC follows the philosophy of motivating and strengthening people around so that the society gets strong with sustainable development.

We are a private organisation working in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry products and services.